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Reason behind the Popularity of Electric Operated Rickshaw
28 Aug 2021

Today, we can see electrically operated rickshaws in every corner of India. Mostly rickshaw pullers and auto drivers have now shifted towards electric rickshaws. It has been less than a decade since e-rickshaw was launched in the market but it has become popular at a very fast pace. This was a sudden change in the market and nobody saw it coming. The manufacturer and the consumers rapidly adapted to this change. Now big manufacturing players are also entering the market with their wide range of products.

There are multiple factors that helped in the tremendous growth of these vehicles. Some of the major growth drivers behind the popularity of electric rickshaws in India are listed below-

Reliable and Convenient

Battery operated two-wheelers and rickshaws are more convenient and reliable than both manual rickshaws and conventional auto three-wheelers. There is zero effort to operate these electric rickshaws which makes them more convenient compared to the manual rickshaw. These vehicles are operated by small and powerful electric motors and don’t have engines like conventional autos which makes them more reliable. The range of running on a single charge is also increased now and so these e-rickshaws are equipped to move around for at least 150 km.

The Government Push

The government is also pushing and encouraging society to adopt green methods such as e-rickshaws which have a transformative effect on not just India’s mobility landscape but also across industries such as power, battery manufacturers, and the automotive industry. So, the Government is providing a lot of benefits like incentives, tax relaxation, easy loans etc. for the manufacturer of electric vehicles-

Low Running Cost and Maximum Profitability

The running cost of electric vehicles is comparatively low. This becomes favourable for end-user as it increases their profitability to a greater extent. This is the main reason behind their popularity as the buyers of e-rickshaws belong to the poor section of society. They like this proposition as this directly increase their income and improve their living standard.

Low Maintenance

The electric rickshaws and electric scooters in India run on battery-operated motors. The absence of engines reduces their maintenance to a great extent. So the absence of service cost is also one of the reasons for the huge popularity of these E-vehicles.


You can easily buy the electric rickshaw in India at a very reasonable and affordable price. There is very healthy competition in the market due to which the manufacturer pricing their e-rickshaws very reasonably. This proposition has become very attractive for end-users.

Quality product

In the last few years, the quality of these electric products improved very significantly. The customers always welcome better quality products. The also plays a major role in the popularity of electric rickshaws, battery-operated two-wheelers.

Environmental Friendly

We all know the biggest problem for humankind is environmental change and pollution. The fossil fuels are one of the biggest contributors to pollution and electric vehicle is the solution. These battery-operated vehicles not only just help in reducing air pollution but also eliminate noise pollution completely and so possess a positive effect on Environment.

A lot of credit also goes to the manufacturers as they are doing a brilliant job in understanding and meeting the demands of customers. The manufacturers of electric vehicles are using these growth factors to establish a strong market for electric vehicles and also continuously putting efforts towards improving the battery capacity for providing hassle free riding.

These are the few major reasons for the huge acceptance and popularity of electric vehicles and e-rickshaws in India. According to reports and market research, this is going to continue and increase in future also.