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How to select the right e scooter in 2022
02 Nov 2022


In India, electric scooters are quickly becoming the best option for people like this. They are fast, easy to ride, almost silent, and cost about a tenth of what a gasoline scooter costs these days. The fact that India's electric scooter industry grew by more than 400% in the previous fiscal year demonstrates how the market is feeling.

More than 2.5 million e-scooters were sold in India during the fiscal year 2022. People are realising how much better a battery-powered option is. This is true even though the best electric scooters currently cost significantly more than scooters with gas engines.

Instead of making you choose from the best electric scooters on the market, let me assist you in a different way. In this article, I discuss the most important factors to consider when purchasing the best electric scooter. You'll be able to find the best EVs on the market if you look over these points. At the same time, you will be able to select the e-scooter that best suits your needs.


Tips to consider before pursing an electric scooter

One of the major factors preventing people in India from purchasing EVs is their limited range. While some of the best electric cars claim to have a long range, electric scooters are at the bottom of the list. Then there's the distinction between what's said and what's true.

The ARAI claims that most e-scooters can travel more than 100 kilometres on a single charge. However, road tests reveal a very different story. Many of these vehicles lose power after only 60 to 70 kilometres. Those who claim to be able to travel 100 kilometres in real life usually have an ARAI range of more than 150 kilometres. So be cautious in your selection.

1. Design

In order to save money, many buyers will skimp on this step. However, design is an important aspect of automobiles, particularly two-wheelers. The way the EV is built and looks will determine the majority of its stance and performance. In addition, unlike a car, where the driver can change his or her position to suit himself or herself, the rider will have to adjust his or her position to fit.

So, before you spend money on a bad-looking electric scooter, make sure you test it out to see if it meets your needs. You may not want to slouch as much as the car recommends.

2. Type of battery

The battery and the electric motor are the two main components of electric vehicles. Batteries store electricity and deliver it to the motor, allowing the e-scooter to move. This means that the best type of battery should be able to store a large amount of energy while remaining as small as possible.

Although there are other types of batteries, lithium-ion or Li-ion batteries are the most commonly used in the best electric scooters. They have a low self-discharge rate and a high energy density, which means they can store more energy for a longer period of time than most other types of batteries. Despite its high cost, a Li-ion battery is the best option for your next electric scooter right now.

3. Motor design

As previously stated, electric vehicle motors are just as important as batteries. These should be able to convert that energy as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The majority of electric scooters are powered by BLDC motors, which should be buyers' first choice right now. These can be located on the e-hub scooter's or in the middle of the drive. Brushless motors are another name for them. Mid-drive motors are always preferable because they are safer and perform better.

4. It's time to charge

This is likely to be the most difficult aspect of using an electric scooter. Unlike gas scooters, which can be filled up in minutes at a gas station, e-scooters, like any other electric vehicle, take several hours to charge. This means you'll have to be strategic about how frequently you charge it or pick the one that saves you the most time.


Most electric scooters can now be fully charged in under an hour using a DC power source at a public charging station. EVs can also be charged for a few hours at home or at work. Take note of the charging time for the e-scooter you want to purchase, and ensure that it can be charged quickly.

5. Speed

Everyone wants their car to be fast, whether it's electric or not, even if that's not what they need it for every day. Understand that almost all electric scooters in India have a speed limit, which is a major issue. Many options that claim to be capable of reaching speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour can barely exceed 60 kilometres per hour on the road. Others are also not as fast as they claim.

So, make sure that the best e-scooter you choose can provide you with the thrill of speed that you may require from time to time. This should become clear as soon as you try out the electric scooter for research purposes.