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Five Benefits Of Battery Operated Scooter
04 Aug 2022


In the past few years, the popularity of E-scooters, or battery operated scooters has increased manifold. The low cost and ease of use have been the primary reasons for this growing popularity. In fact, they are considered to be the best and the most convenient choice for small distance travels, especially in the big cities.

The 5 major advantages of using battery operated scooters, which are slowing making it the primary mode of transport for many people, instead of an alternative, are as follows:


With increasing traffic on the roads, finding a good and safe parking spot for your vehicles has become a major issue. Even your normal bikes or scooters need a proper and safe place where they can be parked. If using a bicycle, you will still need to chain it securely before you leave it unattended, and this can be pretty risky. E-scooters on the other hand are very light in weight and can be easily folded. Thus, once you reach your destination, you can fold up the scooter, and carry it with you. No need to park it anywhere. It can be easily dragged along almost anywhere. This level of portability is not offered by any other means of transport.

Fits All Budgets

The cost of buying an electric scooter in India is pretty much the same as that of an expensive toy you might be considering to buy for your kid. Therefore, not just the rich and the cool people of big cities, but the cost of these e-scooters fits well within the budget of middle class and lower middle class people as well. Not just the initial cost of buying the same, the cost of running and maintenance of these scooters is pretty low as well. The cost of fuel is touching the sky these days. In the future this cost is expected to keep increasing only. Charging the e-scooters is easy, fast and does not cost much. Thus, overall, these battery scooters are the most cost effective mode of transport.

Hassle Free Riding

The speed of electric scooter is not very fast. They run at a pretty moderate speed. Hence, controlling the same is very easy. Even small kids can efficiently operate these scooters. It is for this reason that one does not need to procure any driving license, insurance, motor vehicle certifications or permits, etc., before buying and using the same. You can purchase these scooters and immediately start using them.


Since the speed at which these scooters operate is pretty low, therefore, the chances of accidents happening are low as well. Even if you do end up banging into someone, the injuries caused will not be severe. However, this does not mean that the scooter manufacturers can completely ignore the safety of the users. There are many safety features that are added to these scooters. The government has laid down strict rules in place which need to be complied by the scooter manufacturers in order to ensure the safety of the users of these battery operated scooters. Proper braking systems, taillights and several other features are added to the scooters to make them safe while driving.

Contribute Towards Saving The Environment

This is the primary reason for which these battery operated scooters where designed and conceived. Be it emission control or noise pollution, these e-Scooters are perfect and completely safe for the environment. Since no fuel is used for the running of these scooters, there are no harmful emissions released from the same into the environment. The engine or the mechanics of these scooters is pretty simple, and does not make any noise while running. Therefore, by buying and using these battery operated scooters, you will actually be able to make a major contribution towards protecting the environment.