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Electrical Vehicles Impact on Environment and Us
12 Apr 2022

Whenever we hear about electric scooters in India, they give us Goosebumps. There are many reasons for this, so today we will talk about all of them and what are their benefits. You will be surprised to know how important this heritage is for us and for our loved ones because it will be helpful in ending pollution today, so read this article till the end without skipping.

Today we will talk about every aspect of it so that you can get complete information about it and can inspire others as well. That is why it is very essential for us. We can do this small thing for ourselves and to save nature for the coming tomorrow. We should cooperate because we know the power of mouth publicity, which is the most effective of all. Furthermore, we have seen it previously many times before and the best part is your money will not have to be spent on it, but our mission to protect the environment will definitely be fulfilled because we all want to live in a clean and green environment. After the decision of the government to promote Electrical Vehicles, many electric scooter manufacturers in India boost the program by providing affordable electric vehicles so those common people will buy and use them.

Electric scooters are battery operated two-wheeler that have zero pollution because they run on electric power, which is a green transportation pathway and supports nature; indirectly we can say we are helping us to be healthy.

Zero-pollution electric scooters have-

Zero tailpipe emissions- It includes carbon monoxide, suspended particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and a small amount of sulphur dioxide.

Zero air pollution

No noise pollution

PUC not required – Pollution Under Control certificate

It helps to keep your city clean and green

It significantly contributes to the organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives for environmental conservation.

Here, some differences are given between Conventional 2 wheeler vehicles and Electric battery-operated 2 wheeler vehicles



Conventional two-wheeler

Electric two-wheeler wheeler

Power & Drive

Engine & Gear Box

Motor and Controllers


Petrol, Diesel, Gas

Electric motors

Start Mode

Self start and or kick-start

Key start

Heavy Components

Gear Box, Air/Oil Filters, Clutch Plates, Engine, etc.

Battery and Motor



            Light in weight.


45 to 60 Km/L

            60 to 100 Km/Charge

Running Cost

Around 1.50 Rs/Km

Around 0.17 Paisa/Km

Oil Expense

Rs. 250 per 2000 Km

NIL (Oil Not Required)

Maintenance Cost

Very High

Comparatively Very Low

Load Carrying Capacity

130 Kg

— 130 Kg (High-Speed Models)

— 75 Kg (Low-Speed Models)


Riding Mode Selector

            Not Available

Economy + Power Mode Selector



ZERO Tail Pipe Emission

Driving Licence & Registration


Not Required

The best part of electric scooters is they are economical, convenient, and safe to ride. If everyone uses an electric vehicle, then we would be able to lower pollution around us, and it is for our good only as we would have fresh air to breathe.

Myths about EVs

If you knew that even gasolene scooters and cars cause pollution on combustion even after we don’t choose electric vehicles which is the best eco-friendly option for transportation this is all due to myths that some people spread rumors, and we believe them without researching what is right and what is wrong.

In this topic, you will understand the importance of Electrical Vehicles and break your myths about EVs and completely change your view toward all EVs including E-bikes, E-Scooters, and Electric Cars.

So read the complete topic, and you will get an important piece of information.

Myth1: E bikes require heavy maintenance

Answer: Completely wrong. There are no complex mechanics, and no oil changes, therefore it requires almost zero maintenance.

Myth2: Electric Vehicles are so expensive

Answer: We think electric scooters are too expensive, and for the same price, any popular petrol vehicle can be purchased. But that is not the fact. Any fuel-powered car would be more expensive. Those fuels are too expensive for you. When compared to fuel costs, a regular battery charge is the only cost associated with electric scooters.

Myth3: It makes too much noise

Answer: There is no noise coming from electric bikes since they lack any complex mechanisms like an engine, gearbox, controller, clutch plate, or converter, that’s why they work smoothly and silently.

Myth4: Electrical vehicles are inconvenient to ride

Answer: They are easy to drive due to their lightweight. Additionally, they feature easy and user-friendly controls, making them easier to manage. Nowadays, things are very different.

Myth5: Electrical vehicles offer less speed

Answer: It was not too long ago that electric bike manufacturers manufactured less-speed automobiles. Electric bicycle manufacturer companies now specialize in fashionable and fast bikes.

These are some common misconceptions about electrical vehicles. As vigilant citizens, we have a duty to aware all people of the benefits of electric vehicles. I hope in this article you will get a good piece of information to aware people of the benefits of EVs to society and also to the environment.

Hope you like the article and please share as much as possible so that other citizens know the truth, and it will burst the myths that some ignorant people are spreading. So stay healthy and stay fit.