5 Tips for Extending the Range of Electric Scooters

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5 Tips for Extending the Range of Electric Scooters
07 Oct 2022

The range is a key characteristic of the best electric scooter. In the past several years, electric scooters have gained popularity as a result of ridesharing services supplying them. Almost immediately after utilising one, a few individuals considered purchasing one for personal use. Not surprisingly, given how practical and enjoyable electric scooters are.

The scooter's range is one of the most significant aspects for every customer to consider. There is no perfect answer, so let's go a little more to determine how far you can travel on a single charge of an electric scooter.


Tips to Consider for Increasing the Range of Electric Scooters


1. Ensure that no extra electronics are turned on

The battery is the most significant component of the best electric scooter because it determines the distance you can travel. The greater the rate of battery depletion, the shorter the range. This indicates that, while riding, you should do everything possible to increase the battery's capacity. For most scooters, this is a basic and brief list: turn off the lights while you're not riding at night. Ensure that Bluetooth is also disabled. Therefore, the sole responsibility of the battery will be to power the scooter.

2. Reduce the scooter's carrying capacity

Simple physics: if your electric scooter must carry a heavier load, it must use more power in a shorter period of time. The shorter the range, the greater the rate of power consumption. Before we delve into the specifics, a word of caution: safety should never be placed behind the range or any other characteristic. When riding, you should always have all of your safety equipment with you, particularly your helmet.

Nevertheless, if you desire the greatest range, you should travel as lightly as possible. When he stopped bringing his heavy rucksack back and forth to work, he was able to purchase additional items to keep at the office, so increasing his range. Few online users claim that reducing a substantial amount of weight increases their range by a few miles or kilometres. Even if it's not much, the amount of weight your scooter is carrying impacts its range.

3. Protect the health of the Charger

Even if it may not seem important, it is crucial for the health of the batteries that the battery charger is in good condition. Maintain a clean charger and functional cords. Wires should not tangle excessively. Keep the charger free of excessive amounts of dust and liquid. A malfunctioning charger could compromise the health of your battery, hence reducing the range of your electric vehicle.

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4. Never completely deplete the battery

This is not a direct method for increasing your scooter's range, but it will prevent the range from degrading over time. All batteries experience deterioration over time. Lithium-ion batteries, the most prevalent type in scooters, are believed to last between two and three years, or approximately 300 to 500 cycles. Consequently, the battery in your scooter is already depleting slowly.

Additionally, the battery loses a portion of its power each time it is completely depleted. If it is repeatedly emptied, it will run out of storage space much more quickly than usual. Make every effort to extend the life of your battery. Charge it frequently and do not allow the battery to completely deplete.

Ensure that the brakes are not overly tight, otherwise there will be excessive friction.

If you overtighten the cable brakes on your scooter, they may come into contact with the wheel as you ride. This implies you will need to use more electricity to travel the same distance, so reducing your range.

Ensure that your brakes are adjusted correctly. To determine this, manually spin the wheels to determine if more friction exists. If this occurs, loosen your brakes slightly and try again.

Also, if you have a rear foot-press brake that requires you to press the rear fender to increase stopping power, ensure that nothing is lodged between the brake and the wheel. This will have the same effect as putting on your brakes.

5. Fill the tyres up

The less air a tyre has, the more of its surface touches the ground during use. This will make it more difficult for your scooter to move (Wikipedia article on rolling resistance goes into detail). This decreases its energy efficiency, which necessitates more battery power to travel the same distance, hence reducing its range.

Your range will increase if you inflate the tyres. Obviously, this does not impact scooters equipped with solid tyres. Remember that the tyres should not be overinflated. Check the recommended tyre pressure for your scooter, and use a pump that can measure pressure when you fill the tyres.

If you need extra range, consider going a bit over the recommended amount, but keep in mind that the more you inflate your tyres, the slipperier your ride will become. Consider carefully what you intend to do, as we incur this cost to reduce friction.

If you're new to operating a scooter, keep the tyre pressure at the suggested level and worry about extra range once you've mastered the controls.